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LINUXSYSADMINS(dot)COM is a self-financed and non-profit company which runs totally on self-funded money and local donations. However, we are here to request all the readers and interested people to donate us with whatever they can and help us continue to provide informational, engaging and educational learning material to everyone.

We cannot do this alone that’s why we seek your help in terms of donations. You can donate as much as you can, your good intentions even with $1 donation are valuable to us. We want to build a community where we could help beginners and experts to learn from each other on our website and contribute accordingly through their writings as well.

Why donate money to LINUXSYSADMINS?

LINUXSYSADMINS is free of cost learning platform for all the learners from beginners to experts and we do not generate any direct income from the writings or any other mean. We are only funded by either through personal funding by the company, advertisements on the website or through donations and although we are backed by our own company support we still need sponsorships or donations from large companies and individuals who are interested in the guides provided by us on Linux and different associated topics such as Red Hat Linux, CentOS Linux, Oracle Linux Administration, Linux Servers, Troubleshooting and much more.

Where we use the donations?

We are open to all types of donations. We do not use your donations for personal use instead the donations received are used to compensate IT experts for writing detailed tutorials on different Linux topics on the website, to pay for advertisements, to pay for hosting, to organize contests and reward writers for their contributions to the website.

Donations received are directly funded for ongoing projects and to keep a transparent process we always share receipts of transactions with the donation provider*

If you believe in Linux and think that it has the potential that needs to be spread and learned by others then please share your donations with us. You can donate us through PayPal or MasterCard. If you have any other payment options then feel free to contact us, we will be glad to assist you throughout the donation process.

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