Create and mount filesystems in Linux

In this guide lets see how to create a different filesystem and mount it in Linux, the following steps can be followed in almost all Linux flavours. We are focusing only on how to create a filesystem in Linux Desktop and Servers using Logical volume or RAW disks. When we install the operating system it ... Read More

Creating filesystem using zpool in Solaris 10

This guide will walk through how to guide for creating a zpool filesystem mount point in Solaris 10. Check the status of zpool and disks # zpool status check for LUNs # echo | format check for LUNs and count before scanning for new LUNs # echo | format|wc -l Check whether disk added in ... Read More

Convert GPT to MBR layout in any Linux Drives

Here we can see how to change from GPT to MBR (Microsoft Master Boot Record), I need to format my pen drive while Installing Linux Mint Using USB, So I have formatted it using gdisk command, After that while I’m trying to format my pen drive using Fdisk it won’t get format, It gives’s the ... Read More
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