Privacy Policy

Welcome to the website (“LINUXSYSADMINS”) a learning platform about different IT software. We are committed to safeguarding your privacy by keeping your personal, sensitive and general data safe and secure. The privacy of the users of this website is our utmost priority and we make sure to deliver services and products in a secure manner by keeping the data of our users protected from any kind of data breaches and hacking.

When you interact with us you may want to share your personal information with us for numerous purposes which we store on our servers and process accordingly. We have drafted this privacy policy to inform and update you about how we collect your information, how we use or disclose it and what rights you have as an eligible user on our site.

Furthermore, we have drafted this privacy policy under the online applicable laws and regulations, to ensure that no consumer rights are violated.

We will use a clear and transparent language to make it easy for you to understand different processes that occur under a privacy policy in connection with your personal information.

Please note, that if you do not agree with any of the information, terms, clauses or conditions present herein, you are requested to not use our services, products or any information provided.

Privacy Policy

Website Brief

Our website is a technical informative platform for the IT-based software market – for the IT technical experts and Linux or other software experts including amateurs and self-taught individuals. This website is user-oriented and provides a learning and engaging platform for two types of users; the experienced IT technical expert writers who will post helpful and educational content on the website in form of a blog. The others users are beginner level learners of this sector who want to enlighten and educate themselves about different IT and software related news, informational advice, terms, and terminologies.

Disclosure to third parties

For now, we don’t plan to sell or disclose our website or your data to any third-party. However, in future, if we decide to sell this website all the stored data of individuals will also be shared along. Nevertheless, we are bound to share the legitimate interests of the controller or third party to whom we would sell the information. We collect information from the IT specialists who share their writings with us that we further post on our website under their name. However, we do not sell such content to other third-parties.

Promotion and Advertisement

We abide by the law to protect the sensitive data and information taken from users. In the future, all the promotions and advertisements done will be in compliance with the state’s laws and regulations. Also, users may only see targeted advertisements and promotions as per their general interests. Interests of users will be extracted through website cookies or through different tracking tools, such as Google Analytics or Google Search Console. Users will also receive promotional content through newsletters on their authenticated email IDs.


Website cookies are specific unique bits of PC information that numerous significant sites will transfer to your personal/professional computer the first time when you visit any website. These cookies are saved on your computer’s hard drive and website may later use this information for record purposes. As noted above, Google Analytics will install cookies on user’s hard drives.

Email Information

We may save the email addresses of users that will be stored in our system for record purposes. Additionally, these email IDs will also be used to send LINUXSYSADMINS’s newsletters and other informational documents about new releases of the IT industry related to Linux Administration, Troubleshooting, Linus clusters or Linux servers etc.

Hacking and Viruses

Our data is kept safe on secure servers and databases, however, it is an established fact that data over the internet is never safe. Therefore, we do not take any responsibility for the loss/stealing of data due to unethical hacking or the introduction of viruses into our systems. We are liable to report such incidents to the relevant law enforcement authorities. If the user is found to be involved in any illegal activity through our forum, we will be liable to share the user’s data to the cyber crime authorities as well as other law-enforcement agencies as permitted by the law.

Children’s Privacy

You must be 18 years or above to avail the services from this website. You can only buy online courses if you are above the required age or under the surveillance of a Parent or Guardian. We do not collect any personally identified information from minors and in the event, if we accidentally do so we immediately delete it from our servers and systems.

Privacy Policy Updates

We recommend you to visit this page periodically in order to stay updated with the changes made in our privacy policy. We reserve the right to change, update or modify our privacy policy at any time.

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