Granting Access control List (ACL) for a user on a file in Solaris 11

In this guide let us see how to provide special permission for a user on file or directory by using ACL. # chmod A+user:jack:read_data/write_data/execute:allow /home/export/sysadmin/ -bash-4.1$ ls -v /home/export/sysadmin/ total 4 -rw-r--r-- 1 jack staff 0 Dec 22 10:32 1111 0:owner@:read_data/write_data/append_data/read_xattr/write_xattr /read_attributes/write_attributes/read_acl/write_acl/write_owner /synchronize:allow 1:group@:read_data/read_xattr/read_attributes/read_acl/synchronize:allow 2:everyone@:read_data/read_xattr/read_attributes/read_acl/synchronize :allow This is similar to setfacl command in Linux.

Adding exclusion list for Symantec NetBackup client Backup

In this guide let us see how to exclude some of the filesystems, directories, files from Symantec NetBackup during full backup or increment backup. In Enterprise backup solution SNBU we have the option to exclude the list of files or folders by creating a file under /usr/openv/netbackup/exclude_list and it needs to contain all the exclusion list. ... Read More

How to Configure Sudo email alert

Introduction Sudo email alert, If we need to get an alert when some user executes some command which not suppose to run. Or if some user not at all have sudo privilege and they try to get an administrative escalation by running sudo. This all can be get monitored instantly with the help of sudo ... Read More
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