Creating and managing google cloud storage for google Virtual machines

Working with cloud shell and Gcloud. In this guide let us see how to work with GCloud config and cloud storage by creating a cloud bucket and uploading a file to the bucket. To list the current config. $ gcloud config list google129866@6fbfd8bb66b05a0d:~$:~$ gcloud config list [component_manager] disable_update_check = True [compute] gce_metadata_read_timeout_sec = 5 [core] ... Read More

Creating Google cloud instance from gshell

In this guide we start with creating google cloud instance, let us see how to create VM command line using the gshell. Log in to the Google cloud platform account, start the shell from right to the corner and follow below steps to create an instance from command line. $ gcloud compute instances create gcelab2 ... Read More
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