How to Setup NFS Server on CentOS 8

To transfer any files over the network, Setup NFS Server which allows to export the local file system and make it possible to access over the network from one or more clients.

How to setup NFS share in Oracle Solaris 10

To create a NFS share in Solaris 10 it’s very easy steps as follows. First we need to share the filesystem using NFS filesystem type then we need to append the entry in sharetab. In client side we need to mount it # share -F nfs /dbbackup01 # cat /etc/dfs/sharetab In client side if we ... Read More

How to install Openfiler SAN Operating System

Introduction Openfiler Storage, Are you looking to tryout some storage setup in your office or home network? This guide may help to rollout your own storage server in few minutes. Open-filer is an Opensource storage management light weight Linux appliance. It licensed under GNU 2, the stable version released long back in 2011. Open-filer provides ... Read More
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