31 Yum command for Package Management in Linux

yum command is a package manager used to manage RPM packages in Linux servers. YUM is known as "Yellow-dog Updater Modified" it has several options with arguments to search, install, remove and update the packages.

Solution for error: cannot open Packages database in /var/lib/rpm

In this guide, a simple and single remove command will help us to recover from the corrupted yum database. While we try to clean packages using “yum clean all” if we face error remove the DB and run “yum repolist” which will again rebuild the database. [root@ProSrv0765 ~]# yum clean all rpmdb: Thread/process 57569/140362829735680 failed: ... Read More

Solution for python error while using yum install

In this guide we are about to see how to resolve the python error while using all yum command such as install, remove some package. Reason of this error is because of Library path conflict with libPython(version).so. Below error output truncated due to long output. root@proappserver ~]# yum install iptraf Plugin "refresh-packagekit" can't be imported ... Read More
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