Understanding Apache Web Server logs

In our earlier topic, we have seen how to install with Apache web server, by following let us see how to configure, understanding each directive and understanding logs, etc.

It’s very important to understand what it logged in log files during troubleshooting any issues in Apache.

  1. How to install Apache Web Server in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and Variants
  2. How to configure logging in Apache Web server

To log everything in Apache Web server the directives which assigned CustomLog and ErrorLog will be always underline inside the Virtual Host entry. If it resides out of Virtual Host it will be called as global server directive.

To get more detail in your access log entries use below custom directive.

 CustomLog logs/access_log combined

combined logs will contain information like two additional pieces of information.

1. Where the client from.
2. Which browser used by the user.

To diagnostic more on error logs, we can change log level using below available directives.

LogLevel info

Available Log Levels in Apache Web Server:

Apache Logging Level

Apache Logging Level

Logging information in Apache is a huge topic, here we are going to make the separate chunk of post related to Apache logging.

Below are the error codes need to be known from Apache logs.

Apache Informational Log Codes

Apache Informational and Successful log codes

Apache Redirection Log Codes

Apache redirection log codes

Apache Server Error Codes

Apache Server error codes

Apache Client Error Codes

Apache client side error codes


By knowing all the error codes and logging information we will be good to troubleshoot Apache related errors. Subscribe now and stay with us for more information related to Apache. In upcoming posts, we can see more information about how to log certainly required the piece of information in Apache.

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