How to extend space for a OCP /sysroot mounted for /

The current disk size is 64 GB and disk was extended from VMware end, Now time to extend from RedHat OpenShift side. We are getting below package from the app-stream repository rhel-8-for-x86_64-appstream-rpms, make sure to install it. Grow the partition by running growpart command. Run from privileged user. $ sudo su – Run program with ... Read More

Podman cheat Sheet

A handy Podman cheat sheet, documenting for self reference. Basic Podman Options To check the current installed version of podman. Print everything about podman in this server. The long output has been truncated. If we need to know podman disk usage Searching for a Image Looking for a container image using name. Searching for container ... Read More

How to Create a Kubernetes Pod

Creating our first Kubernetes Pod on our new Kubernetes cluster in some available methods. Let's see how to generate a YAML file from the created Pod as well.