Installing Ansible on Rocky Linux 8.x

Introduction A step-by-step installation and configuration of Ansible on Rocky Linux. Numerous guides are available over the internet, however, installing on a Basic server will confuse some newbies. Hope this guide will help someone and save their day. The Base OS we are about to use in this guide is Installing Ansible And a few ... Read More

Podman cheat Sheet

A handy Podman cheat sheet, documenting for self reference. Basic Podman Options To check the current installed version of podman. Print everything about podman in this server. The long output has been truncated. If we need to know podman disk usage Searching for a Image Looking for a container image using name. Searching for container ... Read More

How to up and run Qemu on macOS Monterey

Most of the MacBook users may looking to run QEMU to launch Linux Virtual machines, this short guide may help to accomplish the same. Run all below commands as a normal user, install the qemu package. We can check the installed version by running below command. Create a directory wherever convenient I have planned to ... Read More

Solution for client_loop: send disconnect: Broken pipe

Introduction While trying to SSH we may get this error “client_loop: send disconnect: Broken pipe”. The reason behind the cause is, a normal user added with a SELinux user should be allowed to do SSH by enabling 1 for ssh_sysadm_login Checking logs Let’s check the logs, we could get something. We get to know it’s ... Read More