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    Introduction to Software RAID and RAID Levels in Linux

    Physical RAID or Software RAID (Redundant array of independent disks are used for reliability, resilience and performance. The most important part is to save our precious data without losing it in a production platform.

    Moving a Volume Group from one Server to another Server

    Moving a Volume group from one system to another system without missing any underlying logical volumes and file systems.

    How to Create a Thinly Provisioned Logical Volume on CentOS/RHEL/7/8

    Thinly Provisioned Logical volume is one of the advanced feature available in Logical volume Management, We can provision storage more than what we have.

    Migrating Logical Volumes in Logical Volume Management

    Migrating Logical Volume by moving the extents from a PV to another PV when a faulty disk or the size of the disk need to be larger than the current one.

    Striped Logical Volume in Logical volume management (LVM)

    How to create Striped Logical Volumes in Logical Volume Management to get good I/O performance by balancing the data written to disks.

    Shrink a Volume Group in Logical Volume Management (LVM2)

    Shrink a Volume Group in logical volume management will be performed by sysadmins when the requirement in place to reduce the no of disks from a VG.


    Import RPM Signing GPG keys on CentOS 8

    GPG Keys or GNU Privacy Guard is used to making sure that we are getting the right package from a trusted repository.

    Install Wazuh Open Source Security Analytics

    Install production-ready Wazuh OpenSource security analytics tool to monitor your critical production environment.

    Migrate existing Iptables to Nftables in RHEL8/CentOS

    Iptables can be migrated to nftables without spending time on writing it. Red Hat 8 based operating system provides translate tool to migrate the rules.


    Step by Step Installing CentOS Linux 8 with Screenshots

    CentOS Linux 8 is completely free to use and licensed under GNU GPL, It provides all features available in RHEL 8 and support available from the community.




    Provisioning Bare Metal and VM from Foreman in 6 easy steps

    By Provisioning Bare metal and virtual machines, We can automate the process of installing an Operating system with the help of Foreman.

    Register a Linux client with Foreman

    How to subscribe a client with our content management server foreman/Katello/Satellite.

    Install Foreman Katello Patch Management on CentOS 7

    Foreman with katello patch management is a Content Management System provides a lot of features such as provisioning, Inventory, Patch management and much more.

    Install FOG Imaging solution for Linux/Windows and Mac

    Fog or "Free Open-Source Ghost" is an open source piece of cake used for imaging solution licensed under GPL.


    Ansible tasks for Sysadmins with 25 examples

    Ansible tasks are a set of actions, the number of tasks can be combined to form a playbook required for sysadmins in their daily routine operations.

    Splunk forwarder installation using Ansible

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    Create a Logical volume using Ansible

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    RunDeck IT automation tool step by step installation guide

    RunDeck is an Open source server application to automate our daily IT tasks by replacing tools like Ansible, puppet, chef.

    Ansible Playbook to create Users and Groups in Linux

    Step by step creating with a user adding ansible playbook, Automating user account creation in Linux using Ansible playbooks made easy with Ansible.


    Linux Interview questions and answers for Level 1 role. Those who are looking to be an entry-level Linux admin and preparing for an interview look into it.
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    Recover from Starting Switch Root or corrupted Glibc

    While starting the server it will not move forward after "Starting Switch Root". Step by Step let's see how to fix this issue.

    Recover from chmod 777 permission on a root filesystem

    How to Recover from accidentally running chmod -R 777 / on any RPM-based Linux Operating systems.

    How to fix Grub Rescue in CentOS and RHEL 7

    A fix for boot issue (Grub rescue) will be carried out by sysadmins by following few steps. A brief guide on how to recover GRUB and UEFI based servers.

    Your account are not allowed to access to crontab because of pam configuration.

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    Install and configure Apache Tomcat 8.5 on RHEL & CentOS7

    Apache Tomcat is an open-source technology, which licensed under Apache License version 2. Basically to understand what the use of Tomcat it's a simple HTTP server used for Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages, Java Expression Language.

    How to configure logging in Apache Web server

    In this guide let us see how to log any required particular logs in Apache web server. To read about Apache related topic click on...

    Understanding Apache Web Server logs

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    Setup Apache Web Server on RHEL and CentOS7

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    How to start using SELinux or Security-Enhanced Linux

    SELinux is one of security layer in Linux which protect the directory, files, process and ports with its own labels by preventing unauthorised access.

    Step by step guide to install with Splunk Enterprise 7.0.2

    What is Splunk Enterprise? Splunk is an IT tool which helps to collect logs, analyze, visualize, audit and...

    Import RPM Signing GPG keys on CentOS 8

    GPG Keys or GNU Privacy Guard is used to making sure that we are getting the right package from a trusted repository.
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    Mounting Samba shares persistently during reboot

    To mount a samba share during each reboot we need to interact manually. This can be automated by putting the samba share entry in...

    Install and configure VNC server in CentOS 6, Red Hat 6 & Oracle Linux

    Tiger VNC server will allow users to access remote servers Desktop environment. A number of concurrent users can access the server remotely using VNC server

    Copy user files from Ubuntu or Debian servers to Amazon S3 bucket

    If we have several Virtual private servers (VPS) and we need to back up the user data's and database's to Amazon S3...

    Setting up SFTP with chroot

    Instead of installing with VSFTPD package to configure the FTP service we can use the default SSH service and port 22 for secure file...

    Install vsftpd with SSL/TLS in Ubuntu Server

    VSFTPD with encryption will protect us from unauthorized access to our data, By using SSL certificate all plain text communication will be encrypted.

    Filesystem backup using backup gem

    Backup Gem is a simple backup solution for file-system backup in the small production environment to backup our Ruby environment.

    Allow nginx to upload more than 1 MB file

    By default Nginx will allow uploading 1 MB file, By using below directive we can upload up to 10 MB If we need to...


    Proxmox VM migration failed with Permission denied (publickey,password) quick fix

    Quick fix for the Proxmox VM migration failed with error "Permission denied (publickey, password)"

    Create a Rolling Update Kubernetes Deployment in 3 ways

    Kubernetes Deployment will help to bring up our Application online in a short span of time with the number of designated Replica sets.

    How to Create a Kubernetes Pod

    Creating our first Kubernetes Pod on our new Kubernetes cluster in some available methods. Let's see how to generate a YAML file from the created Pod as well.

    Install and Configure Collectd Monitoring on Linux

    Start Monitoring your production environment using collectd to collects the system and application performance metrics.
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