Capture network dump using snoop in Solaris.

Snoop is an inbuilt utility in Solaris Operating systems same like tcpdump in Linux.
To read about tcpdump refer 35 Examples of tcpdump commands in Linux
In case we need to analyze network issue’s in Solaris local zone’s we required to capture a network dump.
Here we have faced network performance issue in a local Zone, to diagnostic it required to run a snoop from Global zone instead of capturing network dump in the local zone.
Capture from the Global zone for a local zone IP. Here is a local zone IP.


  • snoop         =       command
  • -d                =       device
  • ixgbe0        =       interface name
  • -o                =       to save as a file
  • src ip          =       for which local zone we need to capture ( we can replace “src” with “from”.)
snoop -d ixgbe0 -o src ip
snoop -d ixgbe0 -o src ip

In above commands, we are capturing network dumps for two local zones.
That’s it.