Creating filesystem using zpool in Solaris 10

This guide will walk through how to guide for creating a zpool filesystem mount point in Solaris 10.

Check the status of zpool and disks

# zpool status

check for LUNs

# echo | format

check for LUNs and count before scanning for new LUNs

# echo | format|wc -l

Check whether disk added in multipath

# mpathadm list lu

Check for new disk already in any zpool

# zpool status |grep c5t50060E80132A7D61d51

Scan for new Luns

# devfsadm -c disk

Configuration administration for reconfigurable hardware resources.

# cfgadm -al

Format the disk.

# format -e c5t50060E80132A7D61d51

Remove all default partitions coming with new disk except (boot)
And create a disk under any range of number using the whole size.

create the zpool using the newly formatted disk.

# zpool create drpool /dev/dsk/c5t50060E80132A7D61d51s0

Check the status for newly create zpool

# zpool status drpool

Create filesystem in zpool

# zfs create drpool/fs

create a mount point and mount it using the zfs command.

# mkdir /dr_temp

# zfs set mountpoint=/dr_temp drpool/fs

# df -h

That’s it we have done with creating the filesystem using zpool.