Enable setup command in minimal installed Redhat or Centos 6 Linux

In minimum install setup, the command will not be enabled because it installed with limited packages. When we try to run “setup” command if we get below command not found an error. It’s time to install some required packages.

[root@masterdns ~] setup
-bash: setup: command not found

If we have a valid yum repo please run below commands to install required packages to get the “setup” command in minimal installed Linux servers.

# yum install setuptool -y
# yum install system-config-network* -y
# yum install system-config-firewall* -y
# yum install system-config-securitylevel-tui -y
# yum install system-config-keyboard -y
# yum install ntsysv -y

Now we can use the setup utility by running “setup” that’s it.