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Saturday, August 8, 2020

    Babin Lonston

    Apache virtual host entry to forward non-SSL to SSL for Rails application

    In the rails application, if we need to forward all non-SSL traffic to SSL traffic we can use below virtual host entry. By default, rewrite module needs to be enabled in Apache configuration with valid SSL certificates including Chain file. <VirtualHost...

    Enable setup command in minimal installed Redhat or Centos 6 Linux

    In minimum install setup, the command will not be enabled because it installed with limited packages. When we try to run "setup" command if we get below command not found an error. It's time to install some required packages. ...

    Mounting Samba shares persistently during reboot

    To mount a samba share during each reboot we need to interact manually. This can be automated by putting the samba share entry in fstab which will automatically mount those shares by reading credentials files. Install with Samba client pacakge #...

    Install and configure VNC server in CentOS 6, Red Hat 6 & Oracle Linux

    Tiger VNC server will allow users to access remote servers Desktop environment. A number of concurrent users can access the server remotely using VNC server

    Copy user files from Ubuntu or Debian servers to Amazon S3 bucket

    If we have several Virtual private servers (VPS) and we need to back up the user data's and database's to Amazon S3 we can use a command-line tool to copy the files from VPS server's to Amazon...

    Setting up SFTP with chroot

    Instead of installing with VSFTPD package to configure the FTP service we can use the default SSH service and port 22 for secure file system protocol. This will secure the file transfer with added encrypted method which used in...

    Install vsftpd with SSL/TLS in Ubuntu Server

    VSFTPD with encryption will protect us from unauthorized access to our data, By using SSL certificate all plain text communication will be encrypted.

    Filesystem backup using backup gem

    Backup Gem is a simple backup solution for file-system backup in the small production environment to backup our Ruby environment.

    Allow nginx to upload more than 1 MB file

    By default Nginx will allow uploading 1 MB file, By using below directive we can upload up to 10 MB If we need to upload larger than 10 MB just replace 10 with your specified size. client_body_in_file_only clean; client_body_buffer_size 32K; client_max_body_size 10M; Once...

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    Overall 14+ Years of experience in the IT field, currently working as a Senior Linux administration with Virtualization & Cloud. Being numismatist for a long time.
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