Monday, March 30, 2020

Babin Lonston

Setting up SFTP with chroot

Instead of installing with VSFTPD package to configure the FTP service we can use the default SSH service and port 22 for secure file system protocol. This will secure the file transfer with added encrypted method which used in...

Install vsftpd with SSL/TLS in Ubuntu Server

VSFTPD with encryption will protect us from unauthorized access to our data, By using SSL certificate all plain text communication will be encrypted.

Filesystem backup using backup gem

Backup Gem is a simple backup solution for file-system backup in the small production environment to backup our Ruby environment.

Allow nginx to upload more than 1 MB file

By default Nginx will allow uploading 1 MB file, By using below directive we can upload up to 10 MB If we need to upload larger than 10 MB just replace 10 with your specified size. client_body_in_file_only clean; client_body_buffer_size 32K; client_max_body_size 10M; Once...

About Me

Overall 14+ Years of experience in the IT field, currently working as a Senior Linux administration with Virtualization & Cloud. Being numismatist for a long time.

Latest News

Linux Sudo to run Privileged Commands

Allow normal users to run any privileged commands by escalating to Sudo, by configuring Linux Sudo on any Linux os normal users are allowed to get root access.

Register a Linux client with Foreman

How to subscribe a client with our content management server foreman/Katello/Satellite.

Install Foreman Katello Patch Management on CentOS 7

Foreman with katello patch management is a Content Management System provides a lot of features such as provisioning, Inventory, Patch management and much more.

Install Wazuh Open Source Security Analytics

Install production-ready Wazuh OpenSource security analytics tool to monitor your critical production environment.

Setup a FreeIPA or IDM Replica

IDM replica is the same copy of the existing master IDM server. The use of a replica is to have multiple copies of master and it can be used in different geographical location.