Working with cloud shell and Gcloud.

In this guide let us see how to work with GCloud config and cloud storage by creating a cloud bucket and uploading a file to the bucket.

To list the current config.

$ gcloud config list

google129866@6fbfd8bb66b05a0d:~$:~$ gcloud config list
disable_update_check = True
gce_metadata_read_timeout_sec = 5
account = google129866_babin@6fbfd8bb66b05a0d
check_gce_metadata = False
disable_usage_reporting = False
project = babin-gcp-6fbfd8bb66b05a0d
environment = devshell
Your active configuration is: [cloudshell-27170]
To list more information about config use --all.

To list more information about the config use list all.

google129866@6fbfd8bb66b05a0d:~$:~$ gcloud config list –all

Managing cloud storage data by creating a file and upload to bucket

$ gsutil mb gs://my-bucket-456

google129866@6fbfd8bb66b05a0d:~$:~$ gsutil mb gs://my-bucket-456
Creating gs://my-bucket-456/...google129866@6fbfd8bb66b05a0d:~$:~$ gsutil cp test.dat gs://my-bucket-456
Copying file://test.dat [Content-Type=application/octet-stream]...
- [1 files][ 19.0 B/ 19.0 B]
Operation completed over 1 objects/19.0 B.

That’s it we have done with managing how to create a bucket and upload files to google cloud platform.


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