o access any remote desktop servers we can use VNC. By installing and configuring VNC we can access graphical interface of any VPS servers are cloud servers. In this setup, we are going to use tigerVNC to configure the VNC server in RedHat enterprise server.
Ports used by VNC server

 5900 , 5901 , 5902

Install tigerVNC package using yum as follows

# yum install tigervnc* -y

To edit the config file

# vim /etc/sysconfig/vncserver

Remove the # in last two lines of the configuration file

Example :

#VNCSERVERARGS[2]=”-geometry 800×600 -nolisten tcp -localhost”

Save and quit the file using wq!, Switch to the user sysadmin using
Create a VNC password

# vncpasswd
Newpass : **********
verifypasswd : **********

Restart the VNC service using command

# /etc/init.d/vncserver restart

Set the VNC server to run in multi-user mode

# chkconfig vncserver on

Then Connect to the user sysadmin using  vncviewer command

# vncviewer -via sysadmin@server.example.com localhost:2

That’s it we can view the user sysadmin’s desktop using VNC.

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