Integrating RHEVM with Active Directory.

Let us see how to integrate Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager with Windows Active Directory for AD authentication.

To join with AD run the below command.

# engine-manage-domains add –domain=linuxgeekvideos.local –provider=ad –user=service-rhevm-01@linuxgeekvideos.local –add-permissions –log-file=/var/log/rhev_admin_logins.log –log-level=INFO

To get the names list from the AD we need to change permission for below Kerberos file and restart the ovirt-engine.

# ls -lthr /etc/ovirt-engine/krb5.conf

# chmod 0644 /etc/ovirt-engine/krb5.conf

Restart Ovirt service to make the changes.

# service ovirt-engine restart

Hereafter we can authenticate with AD account in RHEV Manager.

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