Up and running oVirt 4.3 on CentOS 7

oVirt is a free Enterprise ready OpenSource Virtualization platform. The author of Ovirt is Red Hat and developed on Java, which is licensed under Apache License 2.0.

Integrating Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager (RHEVM) with Active Directory

Integrating RHEVM with Active Directory. Let us see how to integrate Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager with Windows Active Directory for AD authentication. To join with AD run the below command. # engine-manage-domains add –domain=linuxgeekvideos.local –provider=ad –user=service-rhevm-01@linuxgeekvideos.local –add-permissions –log-file=/var/log/rhev_admin_logins.log –log-level=INFO To get the names list from the AD we need to change permission for below ... Read More

How to Create VLAN Interface for RHEV Virtualization

While we doing some initial configuration for Red Hat Virtualization, Ovirt Virtualization, OpenStack we required to configure interfaces using the Non-Persistent method. To do that we can go through the below step by step guides. Here we are using VLAN 18 and two NICs need to be bonded under a single VLAN. First, enable the ... Read More