Linux System Administrator’s Guide for Centos 7, Red Hat 7 and Oracle Linux 7

Linux System Administrator’s Guide for Centos 7, Red Hat 7 and Oracle Linux 7

This System administration guide will start from a server build from scratch to Pro level of guides. Moreover, we are going to learn everything from deployment, configuration, troubleshooting, and administration.

By following this video tutorial an Entry level system admin can improve their skills like Pro. We are going to use Centos 7.x series operating system in this tutorial. Practicing in Centos is more than enough to handle Red Hat Linux and Oracle Linux variants.

Please never copy & paste it while you practice, Manual typing will help us to remember forever.

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Chapters which we are going to cover in this tutorial as below.

1. Welcome message
2. Introduction to System Administrator’s course
3. Step by step Graphical installation guides for Centos Linux 7
4. Step by step Graphical installation guide for Red Hat Linux 7
5. Step by step Graphical installation guide for Oracle Linux 7
6. Step by step Text mode installation for Centos 7
7. Perform a Kickstart installation in centos 7
8. Step by step PXE boot installation
9. Setting System locale and keyboard configuration
10. Changing the keyboard layout
11. Configuring the date and time.
12. Change time using HW clock
13. NTP time server Using Chrony
14. Working with archiving, Compressing
15. Manipulating files and directories
16. Working with soft links and hard Links
17. working with chmod and chown
18. Working with Special permissions SetUID, SetGID, and Sticky Bit
19. Managing users and groups
20. Working with Access Control List (ACL)
21. Understanding Linux run levels
22. SELinux and configurations
23. Creating Yum repository
24. Managing packages with yum
25. Working with Package group
26. Managing packages with rpm
27. Managing packages with DNF
28. Understanding systemd
29. Managing services with systemd
30. Working with systemd targets
31. Scheduling using cron
32. Managing Networks using nmtui
33. Managing Networks using nmcli
34. Managing network Bonds
35. Managing network teaming
36. Understanding top command
37. Renicing process
38. Creating partitions using Fdisk
39. Creating physical volume, volume group, logical volume
40. Creating and mounting local filesystem ext4 and XFS
41. Creating encrypted filesystem
42. Auto mounting local, Network, an encrypted filesystem
43. Installing and configuring VNC server
44. Setting up Web Server using Apache
45. Setting up Apache virtual hosts
46. Creating SSL certificate for web server
47. Setting up Apache with SSL certificate
48. Configuring Mail service using postfix
49. Setting up Samba server
50. Setting up Samba clients
51. Setting up NFS server
52. Accessing NFS share from clients
53. Setting up anonymous ftp server
54. setting up local user FTP server
55. Setting up an iSCSI storage server
56. Setting up iSCSI client
57. Install and configure Docker
58. Working with Docker
59. Recovering forgotten root password
60. Booting server in rescue mode
61. Firewall using firewalld with rich rules
62. Monitoring commands and its uses
63. Fetching hardware information’s
64. Journalctl logging system
65. Reading manual pages
66. End of guide

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  1. What happened to chapter 26 and onwards?
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