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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

    Babin Lonston

    Linux Sudo to run Privileged Commands

    Allow normal users to run any privileged commands by escalating to Sudo, by configuring Linux Sudo on any Linux os normal users are allowed to get root access.

    Register a Linux client with Foreman

    How to subscribe a client with our content management server foreman/Katello/Satellite.

    Install Foreman Katello Patch Management on CentOS 7

    Foreman with katello patch management is a Content Management System provides a lot of features such as provisioning, Inventory, Patch management and much more.

    Install Wazuh Open Source Security Analytics

    Install production-ready Wazuh OpenSource security analytics tool to monitor your critical production environment.

    Setup a FreeIPA or IDM Replica

    IDM replica is the same copy of the existing master IDM server. The use of a replica is to have multiple copies of master and it can be used in different geographical location.

    How to Backup and Restore XFS filesystem in RHEL 8

    To backup and restore an XFS filesystem it's possible by installing xfsdump package which provides xfsdump and xfsrestore commands.

    Offline installation of cx_oracle for Python 3.x

    Offline installation guide of cx_oracle for Python 2.7 and 3.x. To fulfil the requirement to connect databases which are of 11g,12c,18c and 19c.

    How to fix Grub Rescue in CentOS and RHEL 7

    A fix for boot issue (Grub rescue) will be carried out by sysadmins by following few steps. A brief guide on how to recover GRUB and UEFI based servers.

    How to build an RPM package from Source

    PRM Package, Packing an RPM may require while we need to build something from source.

    Step by Step Installing CentOS Linux 8 with Screenshots

    CentOS Linux 8 is completely free to use and licensed under GNU GPL, It provides all features available in RHEL 8 and support available from the community.

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    Install Ansible AWX on Kubernetes in 5 minutes

    Ansible AWX or Ansible Tower will come with a Web user interface for Ansible tasks. Let make the installation process easier by following below guide.

    How to Setup NFS Server on CentOS 8

    To transfer any files over the network, Setup NFS Server which allows to export the local file system and make it possible to access over the network from one or more clients.

    Install Kubernetes Cluster with Ansible on Ubuntu in 5 minutes

    Install Kubernetes cluster with Ansible will easy the process of installation by saving our time. If you are looking to complete a mass installation setup in less than 5 minutes, Have a look into this.

    Upgrade Kubernetes Cluster with zero downtime in 5 easy steps

    Upgrade Kubernetes Cluster, The most required requirement in any production environment to get the latest features of Kubernetes. Follow this guide to simplify your upgrade process.

    vSAN cluster UUID mismatch | 1 Quick Solution

    A quick solution to resolve vSAN cluster UUID mismatch in VMware environment.