Saturday, January 18, 2020

Babin Lonston

Ansible tasks for Sysadmins with 25 examples

Ansible tasks are a set of actions, the number of tasks can be combined to form a playbook required for sysadmins in their daily routine operations.

Forcing the from address when Postfix relays over SMTP

Forcing the from address when Postfix relays over SMTP

Setup a Linux server as IDM client to authenticate with Active Directory

Setup a Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS Linux server as IDM Client to Authenticate with Active Directory using cross-forest trust.

Integrating IDM with AD (Active directory) using indirect cross-forest trust

IDM with Active Directory using Indirect cross-forest trust will help to integrate both and act as an intermediator by providing a lot of features than AD.

Docker Cheat Sheet for Sysadmins

Docker cheat sheet for sysadmins and developers will help to have a quick peek in the case for any future reference. This contains most of all docker options.

How to Connect to Amazon EC2 Remotely Using SSH

Most of the new Amazon web service (AWS) users will be stuck with permission issue while launching an EC2 instance in AWS. This will help to fix it.

Install FOG Imaging solution for Linux/Windows and Mac

Fog or "Free Open-Source Ghost" is an open source piece of cake used for imaging solution licensed under GPL.

How to start using SELinux or Security-Enhanced Linux

SELinux is one of security layer in Linux which protect the directory, files, process and ports with its own labels by preventing unauthorised access.

Generate a CSR Certificate Signing Request in Linux

Generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate required when we need to sign with a Certificate Authority (CA).

How to Create Local Yum Repository on RHEL 8

Set up a local Yum repository on RedHat Enterprise Linux 8 and CentOS 8 using a DVD or ISO file, This helps us to get the packages offline and ready to install.

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How to build an RPM package from Source

PRM Package, Packing an RPM may require while we need to build something from source.

Step by Step Installing CentOS Linux 8 with Screenshots

CentOS Linux 8 is completely free to use and licensed under GNU GPL, It provides all features available in RHEL 8 and support available from the community.

How to Set up a Kubernetes Cluster with Rancher

Rancher is an OpenSource product simplify the management of Kubernetes cluster. Rancher is just a web User Interface to manage the Kubernetes cluster.

How to Install and configure Kubernetes (k8s) on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Kubernetes or k8s is trending Open Source container orchestration solution provides feature such as application deployment by automating, scaling etc.

How to Install and Configure Apt Cache Server On Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Apt Cache Server available for Debian based Operating Systems and it helps to cache the packages installed with apt and saves a lot of bandwidth.