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    Babin Lonston

    How to Install a Kubernetes on CentOS 7

    Kubernetes is a container orchestrator used to deploy container-based application upon the requirement for developers and system administrators.

    How to install MariaDB in CentOS/RHEL 8 and Fedora

    A simple guide about how to install MariaDB on Red Hat-based Linux distributions, In a few steps, We are good with spinning up an OpenSource DB server.

    Recover from Starting Switch Root or corrupted Glibc

    While starting the server it will not move forward after "Starting Switch Root". Step by Step let's see how to fix this issue.

    Recover from chmod 777 permission on a root filesystem

    How to Recover from accidentally running chmod -R 777 / on any RPM-based Linux Operating systems.

    Linux Sudo to run Privileged Commands

    Allow normal users to run any privileged commands by escalating to Sudo, by configuring Linux Sudo on any Linux os normal users are allowed to get root access.

    Register a Linux client with Foreman

    How to subscribe a client with our content management server foreman/Katello/Satellite.

    Install Foreman Katello Patch Management on CentOS 7

    Foreman with katello patch management is a Content Management System provides a lot of features such as provisioning, Inventory, Patch management and much more.

    Install Wazuh Open Source Security Analytics

    Install production-ready Wazuh OpenSource security analytics tool to monitor your critical production environment.

    Setup a FreeIPA or IDM Replica

    IDM replica is the same copy of the existing master IDM server. The use of a replica is to have multiple copies of master and it can be used in different geographical location.

    How to Backup and Restore XFS filesystem in RHEL 8

    To backup and restore an XFS filesystem it's possible by installing xfsdump package which provides xfsdump and xfsrestore commands.

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    Creating our first Kubernetes Pod on our new Kubernetes cluster in some available methods. Let's see how to generate a YAML file from the created Pod as well.

    Install and Configure Collectd Monitoring on Linux

    Start Monitoring your production environment using collectd to collects the system and application performance metrics.

    Introduction to Software RAID and RAID Levels in Linux

    Physical RAID or Software RAID (Redundant array of independent disks are used for reliability, resilience and performance. The most important part is to save our precious data without losing it in a production platform.

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