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How to Create a Thinly Provisioned Logical Volume on CentOS/RHEL/7/8

Thinly Provisioned Logical volume is one of the advanced feature available in Logical volume Management, We can provision storage more than what we have.

Migrating Logical Volumes in Logical Volume Management

Migrating Logical Volume by moving the extents from a PV to another PV when a faulty disk or the size of the disk need to be larger than the current one.

Striped Logical Volume in Logical volume management (LVM)

How to create Striped Logical Volumes in Logical Volume Management to get good I/O performance by balancing the data written to disks.

Shrink a Volume Group in Logical Volume Management (LVM2)

Shrink a Volume Group in logical volume management will be performed by sysadmins when the requirement in place to reduce the no of disks from a VG.

How to Extend and Reduce LVM Logical Volume in Linux

How to extend and reduce LVM logical volume management in Linux Operating Systems.

How to Setup iSCSI Target and Initiator on RHEL 7.x / RHEL 8

iSCSI Storage is a block-level storage solution shares the RAW disks over the network. iSCSI target will act as a server and iSCSI initiator will act as the client.


Migrate existing Iptables to Nftables in RHEL8/CentOS

Iptables can be migrated to nftables without spending time on writing it. Red Hat 8 based operating system provides translate tool to migrate the rules.

How to start using SELinux or Security-Enhanced Linux

SELinux is one of security layer in Linux which protect the directory, files, process and ports with its own labels by preventing unauthorised access.

Generate a CSR Certificate Signing Request in Linux

Generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate required when we need to sign with a Certificate Authority (CA).


Step by Step Installing CentOS Linux 8 with Screenshots

CentOS Linux 8 is completely free to use and licensed under GNU GPL, It provides all features available in RHEL 8 and support available from the community.




Install FOG Imaging solution for Linux/Windows and Mac

Fog or "Free Open-Source Ghost" is an open source piece of cake used for imaging solution licensed under GPL.

How to install and register Linux clients with Spacewalk server 2.8

In earlier guides, the server-side setup has been completed. Currently, its time to set up with our client-side installation and configuration. Initially, we need...

How to create Software channels, Repositories, Activation keys and sync in Spacewalk Server 2.8

In our previous article, we have covered with installing and configuring the spacewalk server, by following in this guide we are about to walk...

How to install Spacewalk Linux systems management on RHEL and CentOS Linux 7

A spacewalk is an Open Source Linux System Management solution provided by RedHat under GPLv2 Licence with major features like Inventory and Provisioning.


Ansible tasks for Sysadmins with 25 examples

Ansible tasks are a set of actions, the number of tasks can be combined to form a playbook required for sysadmins in their daily routine operations.

Splunk forwarder installation using Ansible

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Create a Logical volume using Ansible

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RunDeck IT automation tool step by step installation guide

RunDeck is an Open source server application to automate our daily IT tasks by replacing tools like Ansible, puppet, chef.

Ansible Playbook to create Users and Groups in Linux

Step by step creating with a user adding ansible playbook, Automating user account creation in Linux using Ansible playbooks made easy with Ansible.


Linux Interview questions and answers for Level 1 role. Those who are looking to be an entry-level Linux admin and preparing for an interview look into it.
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Your account are not allowed to access to crontab because of pam configuration.

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The solution for “touch: cannot touch `test.txt’: No space left on device”

In this guide, we are about to provide a simple solution for the titled issue "No space left on device". In case we receive "No...

1 stop solution for setfacl “Operation not supported” in Linux

Introduction Setfacl error: We may come across this issue in a production environment while creating with the new file...

How to clear Oracle x86 servers ILOM faulty message

Let us see how to clear the ILOM faulty messages. start the SP console using the command. # start SP/faultmgmt/shell List out all faulty messages. # fmadm faulty Repair the faulty...


Install and configure Apache Tomcat 8.5 on RHEL & CentOS7

Apache Tomcat is an open-source technology, which licensed under Apache License version 2. Basically to understand what the use of Tomcat it's a simple HTTP server used for Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages, Java Expression Language.

How to configure logging in Apache Web server

In this guide let us see how to log any required particular logs in Apache web server. To read about Apache related topic click on...

Understanding Apache Web Server logs

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Setup Apache Web Server on RHEL and CentOS7

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Capture network dump using snoop in Solaris.

Snoop is an inbuilt utility in Solaris Operating systems same like tcpdump in Linux. To read about tcpdump refer 35 Examples of tcpdump commands in Linux In case...

Creating filesystem in Solaris 11 using Zpool

Let us see how to create a mount point or filesystem using zpool in Solaris 11. To print the Disks # echo | format Scan for the...

31 Yum command for Package Management in Linux

yum command is a package manager used to manage RPM packages in Linux servers. YUM is known as "Yellow-dog Updater Modified" it has several options with arguments to search, install, remove and update the packages.
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Install vsftpd with SSL/TLS in Ubuntu Server

VSFTPD with encryption will protect us from unauthorized access to our data, By using SSL certificate all plain text communication will be encrypted.

Filesystem backup using backup gem

Backup Gem is a simple backup solution for file-system backup in the small production environment to backup our Ruby environment.

Allow nginx to upload more than 1 MB file

By default Nginx will allow uploading 1 MB file, By using below directive we can upload up to 10 MB If we need to...


How to build an RPM package from Source

PRM Package, Packing an RPM may require while we need to build something from source.

Step by Step Installing CentOS Linux 8 with Screenshots

CentOS Linux 8 is completely free to use and licensed under GNU GPL, It provides all features available in RHEL 8 and support available from the community.

How to Set up a Kubernetes Cluster with Rancher

Rancher is an OpenSource product simplify the management of Kubernetes cluster. Rancher is just a web User Interface to manage the Kubernetes cluster.

How to Install and configure Kubernetes (k8s) on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Kubernetes or k8s is trending Open Source container orchestration solution provides feature such as application deployment by automating, scaling etc.
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